June 30, 2016

Retail Banking Strategy – Master Class

businessman hand working with new modern computer and business success as concept

Retail Banking Strategy – Master Class

22 August – 23 August 2016, Dubai, UAE

This course provides valuable insights into:

  • The key elements in the development of a successful strategy
  • The marketing mix and the key stages in product development
  • The strategic importance and practical interpretation of the brand
  • The principles of risk management
  • The key drivers of successful sales and service, including staffing
  • Delivery channel strategy
  • Ongoing strategy management for an optimum ROI

Target Audience

The workshop will prove particularly worthwhile for executives, divisional and departmental heads, and senior managers directly or indirectly involved with all or any aspect of their retail bank’s strategy. In particular, if they work within the following functions:

  • The retail executive and management team
  • Corporate planning
  • Marketing
  • Risk management
  • Delivery channel strategy
  • Digital banking
  • Human resources
  • Other key supplier departments eg: Information Technology

High potential, aspiring members of staff may also benefit from the material and the experience of the workshop.

For more information this course or to enroll, please send an email to: emarketing@mikus-group.com