July 16, 2016

Good Corporate Governanace

Corporate-GovernanceGood Corporate Governance 

22nd-23rd August 2016, Dubai, UAE

22nd-23rd August 2016, Doha, Qatar

This course provides valuable insights into:
Participants will come away this workshop with a deeper knowledge and understanding of:
  • An overview of current thinking and developments in the field of corporate governance.
  • The ability to administer effectively corporate affairs within an organization and to contribute to corporate performance at a senior level.
  • To understand the interrelationship between management, finance, law and ethics in the field of corporate governance.
  • An understanding of ethics and values in the business community and the relationship to corporate governance.

This course will provide participants with a sound grounding in the key components of corporate governance which will in turn enhance their ability to operate at more senior levels of organizations.

Target Audience

This unique course is designed for Board Directors and senior corporate professionals who champion or are responsible for good Corporate Governance in their organization, or are faced with major governance issues. The course will be delivered at a level which assumes a solid knowledge of general Corporate Governance principles and the international business environment

  • Corporate Governance
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Operational Risk Management
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Public Relations, Human Resources, Marketing etc…

For more information this course or to enroll, please send an email to: emarketing@mikus-group.com