April 3, 2016



 Delegate – Top reasons to attend our Event?

  • Every Expert who delivers a presentation at our event knows from experience what works and what will not.
  • Our pre-qualified Speaker Panel have tried and tested methods based on their success – failure at different stages, ensuring that your learning is a lot advanced.
  • Knowledge Sharing will be given the front row at Mikus Group, ensuring there is ample time for networking to share ideas, thoughts and view points.
  • Extensive learning will be through mini case studies presented by Mikus Group Speakers.
  • Improvement efforts and Innovation can be yours to implement through the learning you can achieve by attending various workshops specific to the Subjected Mikus Group.
  • Time and Money spent on a Mikus Group can be made back ten times over by avoiding trial-and-error learning and implementing sure shot methods of success learnt from our sessions.
  • You’ll be able to obtain a treasure trove of information critical to your job performance in the shortest possible time.
  • Pose critical questions to our Expert Presenters.
  • Receive contact details of people met at the event  to ensure continuous learning even after the event.

 Solution Provider – Why attend our event?

  • Meet extensively pre-qualified Delegates.
  • Exclusive Marketing and Branding – both Internal and External.
  • Take up a Panelist role and answer key Q&A rounds.
  • Strategic Presentation space for maximum reach.
  • Get your key personnel interviewed and let us broadcast it for you.
  • Arrange to meet immediate clients at the event  with one-one pre-arranged Business Meetings.
  • Opportunity for ‘Exclusivity’ in Sponsoring Key Sessions like Luncheons, Gala Dinner etc. for maximum visibility with least competition.
  • Procure a Client Manager who will assist you throughout the event, helping you identify and meet your target Clients.
  • Mikus Group brings to the world the first Fidelity program focusing on long term Partnerships – Partner now to be a part of this revolution which will keep giving back to you, year on year.
  • If you have a corporate budget, we always have a proposition for you.
  • Provision to provide wish lists of clients whom you are looking to target.