June 30, 2016

Digital Channels In Retail Banking


Digital Channels in Retail Banking 2018

This course provides valuable insights into:

Participants will come away from this workshop with a deeper knowledge and understanding of:

  • The digital delivery channel mix and its role in driving success
  • The importance of the brand in a digital marketplace
  • The developing segmentation of the digital market
  • The factors that drive a successful customer experience across all channels
  • Best practice in developing an effective digitally-led omni-channel delivery strategy

How to best wind out legacy channels without damaging customer goodwill and profitability.

Target Audience

The workshop will prove particularly worthwhile for executives, divisional and departmental heads, senior managers and senior branch managers directly or indirectly involved with their retail bank’s channel strategy and digital projects. In particular, if they work within the following functions:

  • The retail executive and management team
  • Delivery channel strategy
  • Corporate planning
  • Digital banking
  • Marketing
  • Human resources
  • Information Technology
  • Other key supplier departments

The event will also provide valuable insights for executives and senior managers at both vendors and advisers.

For more information this course or to enroll, please send an email to: marketing@mikus-group.com